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Community Board

Google for Startups
Wood, Acrylic
Cloud, ePaper Displays

A digital board that enables the Google for Startups Community to post jobs or offer their skills. The board provides the Google for Startups team with usage analytics and always remains up-to-date.

Community Board at Google for Startups Campus Israel

The Community Board is a smart bulletin board that allows users to add their content to the board with their personal mobile devices.

It combines low-tech and high-tech, using natural materials like solid wood and modern ePaper display technology. The ePaper technology is an electronic component that mimics the appearance of ordinary ink on paper.

Testing the ePaper Displays
The image on ePaper displays remains on even when disconnected

Paper free

Unlike regular bulletin board which use papers, we decided to use ePaper displays because they are eco-friendly and don't consume any electricity while displaying a static image.

User generated content

Since Google for Startups Campus is a community space, we wanted to allow the community to post content on their own. Community members can scan the QR codes on the board and using a mobile interface, fill a form and POOF! - The image will be rendered in the cloud to perfectly fit within brand guideline and appear on the board.

Analytics and control dashboard

Smart bulletin board

Since the Community Board uses cutting-edge serverless cloud technology, we are able to provide the Google for Startups team with a realtime dashboard. In this dashboard, the team can see usage analytics as well as edit posts that don't fit community guidelines.

“The Community Board is an amazing asset to us and our community. We are able to provide great value to our members and guests, while helping the local ecosystem and our residents to hire talent.”
Inbal, Community Manager, Google for Startups

Collaborated with Noam Hod

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