Crew Design Lab

We design technology driven pieces
and bring them to life.

Coming from different fields allows us to collaborate on multi-disciplinary design projects, combining a vast range of crafts, practices, and technologies.

Blending 2D and 3D, software and hardware, pigments and pixels, pushing boundaries and perception of ideas - are all part of Crew’s DNA.

Custom Design

We design to fit our clients’ needs and craft singular products and experiences that reflect their brand values. Our work ranges from designing pieces for events that last a day to creating an iconic design that will last a decade. Whatever it is, we will make it exceptional.

Never Ordinary

We design to engage and create unforgettable experiences. We walk off the beaten path, break paradigms and constantly iterate until we feel the magic.  

Powered By Technology

We bring a digital edge to our projects. Whether it’s a product, an experience or an art installation, software or hardware - we build a full-stack solution to make it shine.


We are a couple in life and design, coming from different disciplines and sharing a passion for technology-infused art and design. 

Based in Tel Aviv and influenced by Israeli pioneering spirit, we challenge design and tech from a non-orthodox perspective. We collaborate with technologists, makers and local manufactures to make the impossible possible.

Our work is strategically driven yet creatively led, we build strong relationships with our clients and strive to achieve product-excellence while adhering to company values.

Crew Design Lab Team
Michali Wolman Ravid
Michali Wolman Ravid
Clients & Operations

Michali comes from the fashion design industry and has over nine years of experience working at the intersection of commercial design, production and trend forecasting. She is a passionate designer who examines contemporary life through art and design.

Roy Ravid
Roy Ravid
Design Lead

Roy is an industrial designer with over nine years of experience in art, design and manufacturing. His focus is in creating elements with ties to the past and a digital futuristic thinking.

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