Menorah Miracle
Google for Startups

Menorah Miracle

Google for Startups
Wood, Acrylic
LED Lights

A custom design for a non-traditional Menorah

A re-imagined, up to date design for the traditional menorah. It was custom designed to match the Google for startups brand language and guidelines. 

The idea leading this design was creating a menorah that would fit the modern office space needs. In this design we traded the traditional candles with LED colored tubes, and disrupted its familiar shape, to create a modern light installation.

Unlike a traditional Menorah, our menorah can be left lit a full night, honoring the jewish tradition, maintaining the festive holiday spirit. 

Behind The Scenes

This project had a super tight schedule, so in fact it was designed, fabricated and delivered - in a true "Hanukkah" fashion - within 8 days.

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